Pioneer Rayz FAQ

What makes Rayz Earphones special?

Rayz headphones are the first of its kind - they have cutting-edge smart features that solve everyday pain points to deliver the iPhone's perfect "App-cessory".

Lightning Port

The headset market is very quickly moving to an all-digital world - be it wired or wireless. Digital headsets require power. However, Rayz Earphones smart use the Lightning port to use a very small amount of power instead of an internal battery. Rayz Earphones are always ready - no charging required!

Pass Thru Apple Device Charging

Keeping an Apple device charged is critically important for most users today. Rayz Plus earphones are the FIRST and still ONLY headset that offers a sleek in-line charge port to charge your Apple device WHILE using the earbuds.

Next Gen Apple Eco-System Technology

Rayz products were the first products to bring the Apple 2nd gen Lightning technology. This technology supports a wealth of smart features (listed below) and power saving benefits.

What are the Key Features of Rayz Earphones

Some of these key features of Rayz Earphones are:

  • Fully integrated app designed to work seamlessly with the Rayz earphones
  • Through the app, deep personalization of the headset and many of its functions, which include:
    • Smart Noise Cancellation - Premium Noise Cancellation that is measured to perform at its peak for YOUR ears
    • Autopause - Audio content pauses when you take Rayz off, auto-starts when Rayz are back in your ears
    • SmartMute World’s first! Rayz knows when you are talking or not and magically manages your mic mute
    • Hey Siri -World’s first! Accessory with Hey Siri; call Siri hands-free with just your voice, no button press required
    • Free New Features - The Rayz app delivers cutting edge upgrades via the app

What devices does Rayz work with?

Rayz works, right out of the box, with almost any device that has a Lightning port! Fine print compatibility list: iOS 10.3 and higher on these devices: iPhone 5 or later, iPad (4th generation or later), iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPod touch (6th generation or later)

What does the Rayz App do?

Rayz works great right out of the box with key features already enabled. The Rayz iOS App helps customizes Rayz to you and it delivers new features and function over time. While the app is NOT required for some of the key functions, the app is a key part of the Rayz experience.

What is the difference between the Rayz and the Rayz plus?

The Rayz Eaphones are the original "Appcessory" - a stunning package of features for only $99 USD. Rayz has more features than ANY headset in the market today.

The Rayz Plus has three premium upgrades, elevating the Rayz experience for only $129 USD:

1) The Rayz Plus has a charging node to allow for talk and charge – for power users and lazy chargers a-like (a $40 USD value + infinitely less hassle)

2) They Rayz Plus includes premium ComplyTM foam eartips. Comply tips shape to your specific ear shape and are likely to improve performance and fit. ($15 USD value)

3) The Rayz Plus comes in premium metallic finishes.

Can I make phone calls with the Rayz and Rayz Plus? (Is there a microphone)?

Yes! Rayz are not just great for music, movie and other entertainment, they have many features specifically targeted at achieving the best phone call experiences. There are six (6) microphones onboard and many call management like:

  • Dynamic EQ - we optimize the audio response for phones calls
  • Smart Button - program the button to be a one-click mute button
  • Smart Mute - auto mutes when the user is not talking
  • Audio Cues supporting Hands-Free Mute
  • Coming Soon - Voice Isolation

How good is the Noise Cancellation?

Performance of noise cancellation, for any headset, has a large dependency on the fit that the headset has in your ears. For other headsets on the market today, this requirement is managed through the use of bulky, form-fitting earpieces. Rayz, on the other hand, is smart – the earbuds were designed to be small and lightweight for everyday use and provide good cancellation for all users. However, Rayz takes noise cancellation to a whole new level with smart noise cancellation – this feature takes an imprint of YOUR ear and optimizes the performance specifically to you. The end result is powerful, custom noise cancellation across all noise types, not just for airplane noise. Want just noise cancellation and no music? Rayz does that too.

Do the headphone controls perform skip/fast forward to next song and/or return to previous song?

The Rayz has four buttons – the top three buttons match the same great Apple earpod functions that users know and love (music controls and Siri).

But Rayz has a fourth button – a Smart Button. Out of the box, the smart button is programed to control the noise cancelling features but through the app, the button is programmable to control your personal favorites – like mic mute, open Apple music, and more.

How long does it take to fully charge my Apple device?

The charging port on Pioneer Rayz Plus is the same one used in Apple devices, therefore we expect the charge time for an iPhone, iPad or iPod to be very similar whether you are charging through Rayz Plus or directly to the phone. Note that Rayz works great too if you use the Apple charging case. In addition, when plugging the Rayz Plus into your MacBook, the charging node allows data sync AND tethering, just as if your iPhone was plugged into your MacBook directly.

Are the Rayz earphones sweat resistant?

The Rayz earphones are designed for heavy everyday use, but do not carry a water/sweatproof IPX rating.

What’s next in the Rayz lineup?

Rayz is singularly focused on elevating the mobile audio experience. This will be achieved through new software features delivered by the Rayz app and future products. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for new feature and product announcements.